ABS plastic 3D printed GLOCK 17 Gen4, electronics, frankincense, and .mp3 subliminal binaural audio



Ward seeks to explore the role of the personal objects and their psychological effects.  However, the replicated objects – detailed facsimiles of two GLOCK 17s – are used to explore the deeper psychological implications of the desire to attain a conceal/carry permit, an option becoming increasingly available in the United States.  How is a gun – and specifically, America’s most popular gun, the GLOCK – both glamorized and marketed as an accessory for comfort and safety, and furthermore, a tool for confidence and self-improvement?  Two replica GLOCKS, painted a deep blue, confront viewers as they enter the gallery.  The smoking gun in this case does not represent a bullet fired, but the release of frankincense, an incense associated with contemplative and calming rituals.  The second GLOCK whispers yogic mantras, only heard if the viewer places her ear at the level of the barrel.  In this way, Ward asks the viewer to contemplate the object as upending the relationship normally shared with weaponry; paranoia and anxiety are meant to be replaced by calm, emptying the icon of its embedded implications.