Wearable EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Detector


Electronics, custom software, neoprene

EMF schematics

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are smooth, continuous, physical fields propagated in a wave, produced by electrically charged objects extending indefinitely throughout space. The potential health effects of EMFs on human health vary widely depending on the frequency and intensity of the fields; on-going research and public debate persist regarding the ill-effects of EMFs emitted from power lines and electrical devices.

EMF meters measure these ambient electromagnetic fields. These devices are popularly used in “ghost hunting,” explaining fluctuations in electromagnetic fields as paranormal encounters.

This wearable EMF device measures electromagnetic frequencies, producing haptic feedback. Because sensing paranormal phenomenon is often described as producing tingling sensations or “chills,” this sensor produces piezoelectric vibration on the skin from wrist to elbow, creating the sensation of something crawling up one’s arm.

This device was designed with simplicity in mind; the form of the wearable device was influenced by the desire to create an electronic schematic easy to implement by electronics novices. The design was adapted from several sources, including Make: Magazine and Aaron ALAI‘s original EMF sensing designs and code.

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