Pistol Mandala is a series of prints and videos produced using custom code. Videos are generative, configuring .tif images of pistols into circular mandala forms for contemplation.


This video was part of a site-specific installation featured in the Em(body) Exhibition in the Uptown Arts Center. The work celebrates the legacy of Preston Bradley, whose work in the Civil Rights movement in Chicago remains startlingly relevant.


Portraits (Terminators) is a video installation of 49 videos of young men's faces, but with bionic overlays (laser eyes, alloy jaws) on their features a la The Terminator. Each uploaded this content on social networking sites, creating an ad hoc community displaying their 3D tracking and modeling prowess. The tutorial they followed to produce these "portraits" begs the question, Why the Terminator? Why do they transform themselves into a militaristic cyborg, when this software is capable of an infinity of options? Or is it the software that influences the user to create such a figure?