Dance to Anything, Lake Eden

Performance at {RE}:Happening 11, Black Mountain NC, April 8, 2023

Dance to Anything Lake Eden


Dance to Anything is a dynamic constellation of visual artists, writers/readers, and movement makers responding to sound works that have been crafted to be difficult to dance to. This sonic constraint response project was designed and organized to think less about choreography in a general sense, but how shared translations of a choreographic object (the sound works) move relational possibilities. Some of the ideas, questions, and metaphors we might conjure up from this attempted endeavor: How might we find joy in the not legibly functional in art? What are dance-tos and dance-nots? Why is movement thought of as secondary to form? What gestures, minor/major or otherwise, when explored relationally, elicit and inspire potential politics to come?

Collaboration with Anna Johnson, Camille Casemier, Chris Reeves, Jesse Malmed, Lauren Sudbrink, Lula Asplund, & Maggie Wong

Fetal Circuit

Fetal Circuit · we live underground
Fetal Circuit · organ motor room (part 1)

Fetal Circuit is an experimental soundscape and dark ambient project in creating soundtracks for existing and speculative horror tabletop roleplaying and video games, performances, and installations. The most recent EP, we live underground, features tape loops and custom-built analog noise machines and instruments.