VGAR 5: Game Art Curators Kit

New volume of the Video Game Art Reader: a handbook for video game curation

This edited volume is now available in open-Access or in print on the Amherst College Press website.

Many ambitious and experimental game forms don’t fit into the digital download or retail distribution channels that support so-called “traditional” video games. Instead, these games are supported by a new global movement in video game curation. This special edition of the Video Game Art Reader features an international collaboration of video game professionals working together to create a resource for game exhibition organization, design, and curation.

Professionals, artists, and others who organize and curate video game exhibitions and events act within a rhizomatic network of methods, missions, and goals. They establish organizations like galleries, collectives, and non-profits. Methods of sharing video games as critical cultural phenomena continue to evolve and expand. Conceived during the first meeting of GAIA (Game Arts International Assembly), the Game Arts Curators Kit documents and shares the collective experience of an international network of video game curators and organizers. Including practical tips on everything from accessibility to preservation, the book serves as a guide to support a new global movement in video game curation.