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@VCFMW11 - Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 11, September 10-11, 2016, Elk Grove Village, IL
@VCFMW11 – Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 11, September 10-11, 2016, Elk Grove Village, IL

em(Body) Projections at the Preston Bradley Center (Chicago, IL), curated by Eden Ünlüata, October 15th – November 13th

“‘Command-line Bullshittery,’ the Myth of Computer Literacy, and the 4th Dimension: Towards a Performative Pedagogical Foundation of Time-Based Media Arts,” part of the panel “Time-Based Art & Design: Finding the Language of Critique” at the 2016 Mid-America College Art Association Conference, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH, October 26th-28th

“Just Press ‘PLAY’: ‘Real-time Computation’ (RTC) and ‘Simultaneity’ in Digital Art,” part of the panel “Revisiting Time in Contemporary Art” at the 2017 College Art Association Conference, New York, February 15th-18th

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Vaxxers rejoice:“Like many viruses, measles is known to suppress the immune system for a few weeks after an infection. But previous studies in monkeys have suggested that measles takes this suppression to a whole new level: It erases immune protection to other diseases, Mina says.”(via Scientists Crack A 50-Year-Old Mystery About The Measles Vaccine : Goats and Soda : NPR)rapid developmentprostheticknowledge:Social Mario AI Project from University of Tübingen implements social awareness with artificial intellenge in the Mario gameworld, allowing characters to learn from each other:While artificial intelligence has made tremendous progress in the field of computer gaming, artificial social intelligence is frequently no more than a marginal feature in the shadow of theoretical applications,” says doctoral candidate Fabian Schrodt, one of the main developers on the team. One of the researchers’ main goals is to make artificial social intelligence easier to use for teaching in schools and universities -and to bring new ideas not only to the current development of computer games, but also into the field of human-machine interaction and driving assistance.Link
At the Vintage Computer Festival, there were self-reflexive vintage Radio Shack computers.Nora O’ Murchú’s Cat++, a visual live coding language based upon yr kitteh:(via ‘Cat++’ Is a Visual Live-Coding Language Based on Feline Behavior | The Creators Project)