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prostheticknowledge:Social Mario AI Project from University of Tübingen implements social awareness with artificial intellenge in the Mario gameworld, allowing characters to learn from each other:While artificial intelligence has made tremendous progress in the field of computer gaming, artificial social intelligence is frequently no more than a marginal feature in the shadow of theoretical applications,” says doctoral candidate Fabian Schrodt, one of the main developers on the team. One of the researchers’ main goals is to make artificial social intelligence easier to use for teaching in schools and universities -and to bring new ideas not only to the current development of computer games, but also into the field of human-machine interaction and driving assistance.LinkMichael Byrne gives some sage advice to n00bs regarding dealing with code that just won’t ^&*%ing work.(via Hack This: What To Do When Shit Just Won’t Work)What does a crowd-sourced teenage chatbot do when let loose on the world? Turn into a white supremacist, of course.(via Microsoft’s teenage AI went full Nazi within 24 hours · Newswire · The A.V. Club)
“Welcome to the home of the Zelda Randomizer project! Have you ever wanted to replay the Legend of Zelda, but played it so often that you can’t get it out of your head? “Similar to the Super Metroid Randomizer, this can shuffle the game as you like to allow you to re-experience Zelda each time that you play it. Feel free to check out the sections on the side menu to learn more about the game.“(via Zelda Randomizer)Tiffany Funk, stills from Pistol Mandala, 2015-present, custom software, single channel video.https://vimeo.com/151813335http://tiffanyfunk.com/TrumpScript: “making Python great again.”An example of an actual program in TrumpScript:I is Donald Trump it time to tell you a factfor every american there is 100000000 immigrantstrust me they are , there over there ; plan against usif, I are fact? ; : say they want to take our guns !America is great. Article on Motherboard: TrumpScript Is Donald Trump in a Programming Language