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@VCFMW11 - Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 11, September 10-11, 2016, Elk Grove Village, IL
@VCFMW11 – Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 11, September 10-11, 2016, Elk Grove Village, IL

Call for Papers: Video Game Art Reader, Issue 1: Please submit papers and proposals! For more information about the Video Game Art Gallery (VGA Gallery) and the Video Game Art Reader (VGAR), go to

“Just Press ‘PLAY’: ‘Real-time Computation’ (RTC) and ‘Simultaneity’ in Digital Art,” part of the panel “Revisiting Time in Contemporary Art” at the 2017 College Art Association Conference, New York, February 15th-18th

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Moholy-Nagy-inspired p5.js practice #moholynagy #p5js #processing #instakaleidoscopic supaslim:question-the-status-quo:vabla:shunkawarakin:visovari:Welcome to the space age, ladies and gentlemenThis is really quite a big deal. A tremendous amount of modern research ends up being sold to journals which require unreasonable payments to access it and only pay the original authors a pittance. It’s nice to see an agency like NASA deliberately widebanding its findings.Not sure if people fully realize just how big of a deal this is. THIS is how science is advanced. Not through biased corporate research, business secrets, marketing, paywalls and patent wars. But through open, uncensored and unrestricted public access to knowledge.[Filter]^ There’s the direct link to all the studies.NASA IS GOOD, NASA IS GREAT@osunismNASA is the hero we don’t deserve.This deserves every reblog.DOWNLOAD AS MUCH AS YOU CAN bc there’s good reason to believe this isn’t going to stay available.Yes! Just think of the data viz porn…!prostheticknowledge:Digital Playground Interactive installation project from INITI can turn spaces into a computer game using motion and projection mapping. Below is a video of their game ‘Demonz’, where the aim is to physically throw balls at the animated devils lurking in the area:Basically this system allows to make multitouch area on every flat surfaces. Technically it’s combination of motion-tracking and projection-mapping. Main benefits are that there are no limits in a scale of game-stage (it could be 1km long if you want) and no limit how many people can be involved in one moment. Here is a video from our test installation for handball tournament PHC 2016 in Prague. We developed kind of computer game but projected in real scenery. It is mainly dedicated to kids but also adults were involved as players. I have to say they really enjoyed it too! :)The Demonz is a large-area virtual reality game projected in to reality. The goal is similarly as in the classic czech ball game from childhood “dodgeball“ but instead of hitting live opponents you will try to hit virtual targets in the shape of animated figures or other moving objects. Due to combination of art and programming work was created a unique game pushing you to move and cooperate with the others.More Here
danismm:  Computers in Our Lives  GIFs via Boy LuxxiaHave a wonderful certain degree of axial tilt, everyone! Embrace the cosmos with holiday cheer!obscurevideogames:  Undercover Cops (Irem - arcade - 1992)